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Glamour Grid Earring Organizer

$24.99 - FREE Shipping

Product Details

Glamour Grid is the latest invention in earring organization and display products. It features a 19 inch x 17 inch polyester fabric with an applied finish for durability that allows as many as 100 pairs of earrings to be organized and stored. The grid is securely fastened between two pieces of solid wood. The hook is made of steel with a black pvc coated finish which can be rotated 360 degrees and fits a standard closet rod, a wall or anywhere! Four necklace clips are included with each organizer. (purchase additional clips below)

Necklace/Bracelet Clips Necklace/Bracelet Clips

Our necklace/bracelet clips allow you to use your Glamour Grid as a Necklace/Bracelet Organizer. $0.75 each.